Frequently Asked Questions


Is taiji what I see old people practicing in the morning?

Yes! Those aunties and uncles are bad-ass, and I dream to be one of them someday! Taiji is beneficial to folks of any age, and I consider my weekly practice the 401k plan for my body.

Is taiji a martial art?

Yes! Taijiquan is an internal martial art, meaning practitioners cultivate a sensitivity with how energy shifts and is directed within the body. “Feeling” the principles underlying each posture is key in taijiquan. And yes, a martial art means there is striking. The level of intensity is up to you.

What are the benefits of practicing taijiquan?

  • Improved circulation, mobility and relief of physical tension.
  • Cultivation of mind and body connection as well as calm focus.
  • Martial applications help to develop strength, confidence and discipline.

A few personal benefits I’ve experienced:

  • A steady center-of-gravity while putting on my pants.
  • Staying balanced when the bus suddenly breaks or accelerates.
  • After a few years, I could do the martial version of the Beyoncé squat.


What do we do in class?

We begin with the Silk-Reeling Exercises to relax our muscles and relieve tension so that our bodies are primed to learn the martial Lao Jia Yilu Form.

Can I drop-in on the weekly class?

Yes, drop-in students will benefit from the Silk-Reeling Exercises that is the first half of each class. I also teach the Lao Jia Yilu "First Form" in sequence, so a student who attends class on a drop-in basis may start the class "mid-form." I typically review a section of 2-4 postures in each class, and I recommend less emphasis on "memorizing" the form, and instead focusing on learning each of the postures well - that's where the fun is!

How long does it take to learn the form?

The Lao Jia Yilu form is 75 postures. In a weekly class, learning the entire form can take 14 - 18 months – but this also depends on the student's own pace. 

What if I am interested, but I can’t attend or aren’t yet ready to commit to the class?

I am open to teaching group workshops and private/semi-private lessons depending on availability and location. If you are interested in a customized program in the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact me with your location, number of participants, and interest or reasons in seeking out taiji.