Learnings from XiDao's sabbatical

When I started XiDao, I knew the business be seasonal by design. As a Taiji practitioner, I go through periods of intense practice and stretches of rest and exploration away from my training - so my business takes the backseat, and vice versa, knowing that these "seasons" support each other. Yin Yang! The first months of 2019, I was focused on consistent practice in preparation for the Chinese Martial Arts Tournament. I won a gold medal in Advanced Open Form Chen Taijiquan! I'm very proud and also very open that I also competed unopposed. I won, no doubt, but this win was not a win "in comparison to" anyone else - and so the potency of the triumph felt pretty inward. We really are only competing with ourselves. Those months were full of of pre-dawn practice sessions, so I will call it a "winter win," still hibernational and awakening in spring :) 

Seeking out inspiration and guidance is core to XiDao's message and philosophy. I was blessed with a 3-month sabbatical from my day job, and thus went on a 5-week journey through Asia: Hong Kong, Yangshuo (China), Burma, Thailand, Singapore. Now, if you travel "Asian style," that is a LOT of temple hopping. ;) I went open to receiving whatever my Motherland (Thailand) and other Motherlands had to show me. I felt most called to visit Yangshuo. I set up base at a taiji school - and signed up for day trip to a sunrise mountain vista at Xianggong Mountain. I cried upon first sight, not knowing what came over me, surrounded by photographers and tripods and drones. I passed it off as being moved by beauty, but it was more. It turns out (thanks to a Youtube search), the Zhuang people of Guangxi province speak a dialect that share the same roots of  present-day Thai language. I always knew early early origins of Thai people migrated from Southern China, and I now had a name for the missing link. Among my ancestors are the Zhuang people, and I came a long way to stand on their land without knowing that was the connection. 

To sum up five weeks of travel, the main message I heard was: "Keep going." As in, keep practicing, keep searching, keep discovering. No epiphany to blow my mind, change my direction, or stop me from going down a wrong path. Just "keep going." 

I'm still letting all the lessons of my trip sink in to find words and meaning in my day-to-day life - I made it about discovery, not only rest and respite. I sought out inspiration and guidance, and I received an overflowing glass of it! I'm evolving XiDao to center on what practicing martial arts means for the future, how and where I choose to teach taiji, what audiences I want to connect with through my brand and message of power, humility, and old wisdom living in the here and now.

Coming up next, I'll be popping up at the following events: 

Be Invincible - A Women's Summit

Friday, June 14, 2019

Moscone West, San Francisco, CA

Booth #113 offering Apparel and informal taiji exercises in the "Lifestyle Neighborhood" 


Release, Reconnect, Renew - A Pop Up Healing Center

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Studio 11, Union City, CA

Tai Chi workshop and tea meditation table

(apply code XiDao to receive $10 off your ticket)